This project is on-going. I've been commissioned to facilitate a thorough rebranding of CCS. They provided their old logo and filled me in on their many-pronged mission. They did warn me that they were considering a name change; I got started anyway.

"There are two prominent design elements in your present logo: the two rooflines and the hands reaching out to touch. I wanted to see if I could somehow incorporate those two things while also including elements of CCS Vail’s mountain logo, since that’s been a point of contention.

"It occured to me that there is a level of abstraction at which a triangle can represent either a house or a mountain; by extension, overlapping triangles can represent houses and/or mountains. 

"I started with two triangles representing the two roof lines of the present logo. But since you are or will be serving areas associated with three mountain ranges, the Catalinas, Rincons and Tucsons, I changed it to three overlapping triangles.  

"I wish I could say that I conceived of the clasped hands/sun below, but I didn’t; I found it online while gathering visual ideas. It’s a great design concept in its own right. I do believe I’ve changed it enough to not have to worry about ownership rights. (This is something I always keep in mind).

"In this version with the stars, I see them representing the many agencies with which you partner."

Present design.

After submitting several designs including the one above, the Board voted to rename Catalina Community Services "IMPACT of Southern Arizona".  They really liked the design, but wanted to see many other choices with the new name.

The client suggested the image of a water droplet hitting water caught with high-speed photography.

This is one of the designs I sent.

I was asked to try various shapes.

I had to at least try a target.

Too cutesy? Perhaps.

"Go crazy. Try some type-based designs." So I did.

I'm liking this, but who knows which way the Board will go?

submitted to CCS