Introducing Megatropolis: intellectual, architectural, urban and urbane. What started as an idea where the counters would be letters (3 scribbled glyphs on a piece of scrap paper), has grown into a mighty font family of eight stackable fonts.

First came Megatropolis itself, a Deco font within a Deco font; Double Deco, you might say. In Illustrator, you can deconstruct it to make solid letters, outline letters or just the inset letters on their own, and you can stack them how you wish. Or you can get the whole Megatropolis family with Black, Outline, Inset, Smog, Shade and Shade with Inset and keep them all separate, stackable, editable fonts. In addition, there’s Megatropolis Benday (available in TT only), with its fabulous stackable comic dots.

See how they stack, above. See their power below. It's a font family just waiting for the right sci-fi movie.

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